In a fast-paced world, organizational survival depends on matching the right people quickly and efficiently to today’s problem. Sadly projects beget projects in an endless cycle. Most fail! Outcomes fall below expectations, timelines become elastic, and budget overruns jeopardize…
Read about what happened during the past couple of months, the good uses of psychometrics and deep learning, and more.
Read about SuperScript’s journey, the NLP-powered skills tagging tool, Reinforcement Learning and more.
Article from The Economist
Article from The Economist
Read about SuperScript’s journey, the roadmap, an NLP-powered skills classification tool, an experiment with an Ethereum-based distributed autonomous…
A Streamlit app to simulate and study emergent properties of teamwork (... and a strategy to increase the ROI by 80% at no extra cost!)
Some of you have experienced issues when trying to open the URL to the game from the email. I am sorry for the inconvenience. You can access the game…
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